Indian Institute of Information Technology
Sri City, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

IIIT Chittoor, Sri City Organises SWACHH BHARAT RUN @SRI CITY on 26 January 2016 in collaboration with IFMR and Sri City Pvt. Ltd."

Swachh Bharat Runners List

Important Points

(I) Download registration form

(II) Google form (on-line form)

(III) Update at 5 pm – 22nd Jan 2016.

Closes at 5 pm on 23rd Jan 2016(Saturday).
Register now if you haven’t done it already!!
b. List of Participants, confirming the registration along with ‘Chest Bib #’ will be displayed on the websites (IIITS and IFMR) and at IFMR entrance by 10:00 am on 25th Jan 2016.
c. In case you have registered only online, filled and signed form needs to be submitted, which can be done at the time of ‘Chest Bib #’ collection
d. The ‘Chest Bib #’ can be collected between 4 – 6 pm at Ground floor IFMR on 25th Jan 2016.
e. Reporting time for the Run and collection of T-Shirt is 06:30 am on 26th Jan 2016 at IFMR/IIITS.