Indian Institute of Information Technology
Sri City, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh


Chennai based Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd has selected 12 B.Tech students of Indian Institute of Information Technology Chittoor, Sri City for summer internship after completing the process of interview held on 04/07/2017 in our campus. They are..

B.Tech 3rd year-

1) Swarana Sunil Kumar (CSE)

2) Gopisetti Pavankumar ( ECE)

B.Tech 2nd year CSE

1) Kommineni Vagdevi

2) Dharani Kaku

3) Swathi Reddy

4) Santhosh Venemala

5) Indrojyoti Mondal

6) Mohammed Shariq Shail

B.Tech 2nd year ECE

1) K.Giri Pranoy

2) Jawali

3) Hiranmai

4) Ratna Abhisekh

They will be individually carrying out their summer internship work based on emerging technologies ( Data analytics, Machine learning/infrastructure, cloud/secuirty/social applications web MVC frameworks/mobile applications as internship category work from home from May 8th to 31 July 2017.