Indian Institute of Information Technology
Sri City, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

Centre for Smart Cities

Indian Institute of Information Technology Chittoor, Sri City, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

Smart technologies have significant impact on improving the quality of human life and offer promising solutions to the growing challenges of urbanization. The technologies include connected devices, i.e., internet of things (IoTs), big-data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). The IoTs generate huge data, processing of which requires big-data analytics and AI, to help decisions makers. Sri City as a SEZ and DEZ is host to a wide range of manufacturing units, industries and companies of origin in different nations. These industries have varying requirement of electric power and water supply resources. Managing these precious resources in efficient, energy-saving, cost-effective and reliable ways would help the industries and the nation.

Centre for Smart Cities’ at IIIT Chittoor, Sri City would facilitate research and development of technologies for the smart cities and villages, towards achieving the goals announced by the central and state governments. For this objective, a pilot smart city project implementation is planned at Sri City, with lead role played by this research centre in collaboration with other leading institutes of India. Five focus areas planned for this project are:

  1. Security and Smart Access: Objective is to enhance the safety and security of the personnel human/vehicular movements inside Sri City, with secured access. The implementation would include installing dedicated fibre-optic hi-speed network, a central monitoring centre and a mesh of wi-fi enabled ‘smart-poles’, each hosting multiple IoTs.

  2. Smart Electric Meters and Smart Grid: Gola is to deliver and manage electricity resources in a smart way, so as to help monitoring the consumption pattern, reliable fault-detection, load-balancing and smart billing to the industries/consumers. The implementation would include smart electricity meters, wi-fi enabled monitoring, control and smart grid management.

  3. Smart Water Meters: Objective is to manage water resource, by monitoring consumption pattern, leakage-detection, resource-balancing and smart billing. The implementation would involve smart water meters, with wi-fi enabled central monitoring and control facility.

  4. Public Transport Monitoring and Vehicle Safety: Goal is enable smart fleet management, operation/traffic management, enhance safety to vehicles/passengers, predict the waiting-period and smart billing to users. Implementation would include GPS enabled and GIS integrated vehicular tracking systems, and wi-fi controlled smart applications and services.

  5. Smart Money: Goal is to develop a device that would replace all other forms of financial transaction requirements at all business point inside Sri City. The implementation would include developing a unique smart card for it and the corresponding point of sale devices.

Besides, towards smart villages, plan is to provide low-cost broad-band connectivity to villages around Sri City and encourage a few women entrepreneurs for distributing the broad band connectivity to individual households and group consumers such as schools, gram-panchayats etc.


  1. Prof. V. K. Mittal (Signal processing, embedded electronics, IoTs, AI, robotics)

  2. Dr. Snehasis Mukherjee (Computer vision, image processing)

  3. Dr. G. Ramakrishna (Algorithms, big-data analytics)

  4. Dr. Sivaprasad Kotamraju (Solar panels, micro-electronics)