Indian Institute of Information Technology
Sri City, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

Abhisarga 2K16 Event

The two day cultural event " Abhisarga" of Indian Institute of Information technology (IIIT) chittoorSricity has today commenced at Hostel campus. Prof. P.Viswanath of IIIT has lightned the lamp as part of Inaugural function. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Vishwanth exhorted all students to be exemplary to others. On part of cultural event, a number competitions like paper dressing, face painting, food without fire etc were conducted and Inter college competitions are being held as a part of the event from the different educational institutions . All students, faculty and staff members have participated in the event. As many as 50 students from IIT Tirupati are participating in the event. Mr. P. Ramachandra Reddy and Dr. Amitva Das of IIIT and Campus life committee members MrSumanNayak and Ms. Shraya were among those who co-ordinated the event.

The event ended with the prize distribution ceremony of IIIT Chittoor, Sricity. Prof Uma Garimella, DrAmitava Das and Mr.PRamachandra Reddy of IIIT were among the guests. SBI, Eura and Swathi sponsored the prizes of the event. The Campus Life Committee organisersMrSumanNayak and ShravyaKanchi welcomed the guests and sponsors and thanked one and all for the success of the event.

The events conducted on the second day were:-

  • 1. Face Painting
  • 2. Food without Fire - A unique game where participants have to prepare dishes without the use of fire.
  • 3. Crime Investigation - The modern treasure hunt game where participants are called "detectives" and each team is given a case to solve.
  • 4. YantraAaghaz - Intercollege music competition where colleges like IIT Tirupati, SVU Tirupati participated.
  • 5. NrityaSpardha - Intercollege dance competitions