Indian Institute of Information Technology
Sri City, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

Following 04 papers are accepted for presentation in 'IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC 2016)', JIIT Noida, 26-28 Dec 2016.

1. Esther Ramdinmawii and Vinay Kumar Mittal, “Gender Identification from Speech Signal by Examining the Speech Production Characteristics”.

2. Abhijit Mohanta and Vinay Kumar Mittal, “Classifying Emotional States using Pitch and Formants in Vowel Regions”.

3. Shivam Sharma and Vinay Kumar Mittal, “Singing characterization using temporal and spectral features in Indian Musical notes”.

4. Anushka Gupta, Esther Ramdinmawii and Vinay Kumar Mittal, “Significance of Alpha Brainwaves in Meditation examined from the study of Binaural Beats”.